Sleep studies

This field studies and records the electrical activity of the brain and spinal cord. Electrodiagnostic studies performed include:

  • Electroencephalograms (EEG)
  • Electromyelograms/nerve conduction studies (EMG/NCS)
  • Evoked potentials (EP)

These diagnostic studies are performed by specially trained technicians or physicians.

Sleep studies are performed to diagnose sleep disorders. Trained sleep technicians apply sensors to the patient’s head, face, chest, abdomen and legs. Patients are then asked to follow their normal sleep schedules and are monitored for six to eight hours in a private, comfortable bedroom with a home-like atmosphere.

During that time, state-of-the-art equipment monitors brain waves, eye movements, breathing, blood oxygen levels, heart rate and muscle activity. Once complete, a doctor specializing in sleep disorders interprets the results of the study, diagnoses the sleep problem and prescribes a treatment plan.

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